Monday, February 8, 2010

Instructional Leaders Fostering 21st Century Technology Integration

I tried my hand at Pixton Comics for this week's blog assignment for the Curriculum Theory course. Take a look!


  1. Paul,

    You are really helping me to think outside of the box! You thought of everything in this blog; from Stan Dard, the principal to room 2.0 to the ISTE 2010 badge--very creative! This was fun and engaging to read, but I still totally understand your philosophy of technology integration. Great job!

  2. Paul - love love love it! Thank you for adding some spice to these blogs! Your comic certainly captured your passion for technology and we need for Principal Stans in our schools. I would love to share this with the JHU folks as a stellar example - would you be OK with that?

    You have earned full credit for this assignment - thank you for sharing your reflections!


  3. Paul - what a fun way to complete an assignment. So nice to see that reflections don't just have to be paragraphs of thought. Love it!
    Helen Smetheram - JHU