Monday, June 8, 2009

TLC in the ELC

Right now I feel very comfortable with the ELC. If it was my first online course, I'd be a bit overwhelmed, but having been through several online platforms already, and not being afraid to click on the unknown, it's pretty straightforward. There's an added comfort in having gotten to know my new classmates from all over the world in such a short time, and having something to go on when we actually meet f2f at the end of the month at NECC. Might even be able to recognize folks from their thumbnails!

My biggest concern with online learning right now, as it has been in the past, is time management. Here it is, Week One of Orientation, and I'm already swamped on the last day of the first week trying to make deadline. I don't want to make this a habit. I won't survive. It's just a crazy time with all the end-of-year closeout business to take care of at school on top of preparing to transition to a new position and school and teaching a brand new online course. Meanwhile, summer's kicking in for a lot of folks, and the pools, patios, and porticoes are calling my name.

I have taken one or two courses online per year for the past five years. Now it's time to kick it into high gear and integrate this coursework into my lifestyle for the next year. I looked at the course calendar on the ELC site and December never looked better! Okay, enough with the griping. This program and opportunity seem awesome, the others involved seem very talented and excited, I've made it this far, it's going to be an awesome ride!

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  1. Tim, time, time!! I agree Paul, time management is the trick to success. If you can get off on the right foot and set up a disciplined process for checking in and completing assignments you will ultimately be successful. Clearly if you've taken course on and off for 5 year online you know the drill.